Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hatred for Hinder Continues

HATING: Hinder. My loyal readers may remember that I proclaimed my hatred for Hinder over a year and a half ago. And once I blog something, its permanent. Hinder drew my ire when I heard "Lips of an Angel" on my favorite station immediately following Led Zepplin's "Black Dog" and AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds". There I was, rocking out on an A.O.R. station and then suddenly I'm listening to some dude singing these sappy, sad, pathetic lyrics. But it wasn't just that. Hinder's website made some bold, ballzy claim like "Let nothing 'hinder' your appreciation of the subtleties purveyed by this Oklahoma City fivesome, who are collectively dedicated to bringing back the good old decadent days when sex, drugs, and rock n roll weren't dirty words, but a way of life."

So, what's the latest wild and crazy, rock n roll, ass kickin' thing they're doing? How about teaming up with American Idol's David Cook to write lyrics for him. Now, I like David Cook and I like American Idol, but I won't have the femmy boys at Hinder sullying David's or the show's good name. I'm going to write David Cook a long email and tell him he's better off recording a duet with Chris Brown, George Michael, and setting the whole damn thing to a rave beat than teaming up with Hinder.

Screw you, Hinder! Go make a song that gets played on Disney Radio like Good Charlotte did and go on tour with the Backstreet Boys.

Hahahahaha. I told them.

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LISTENING: ...its a college station. Probably too cool for you. But check it out. 97-X - BAM! Specifically, check out the Modern Rock 500 countdown replay.

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Myndi said...

It is the future of Rock n' Roll after all. This is one of the coolest radio stations ever, originated in the fabulous town of Oxford, OH.

And I don't care if they changed it to RedHawks...Redskins 4EVA!

Myndi Weinraub
Miami University Class of '95