Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Doing Things

You know the story, right? You try and blog every day. You make a note of almost everything you think about ... "just look at that crazy bumper sticker!' ..."Little Debbie cream-filled oatmeal cookies ROCK!" ..."the Chrysler Town & Country is a work of genius" ... "I gotta get that CD" ... "ohmygosh blog! It's been four days." ... and "who is that calling my name? oh ...them are my children and, geez, they seem to want me to come away from the computer or something and play or something."

Then, of course, you have that full-time job, right? And that other thing you do ...the spunkybean or whatever website it is that you manage and write for I write? Let's call that "web site" a "hobby." Kapeesh?

And then about 200-words into a blog entry (like this one), you realize how lame and uninteresting your blog actually is. Happens to everyone. Lucky for me, my blog is for me and about me, so this last point of observation can be crossed off the list of "worries."

ROLLING: Blogs. Totally just added young Kevin's start-up blog to the right hand column of the page. And avid reader of Don's Ego blog, its the least I can do. The man fancies himself a creative writer and I, for one, really like his inaugural etnry. I like almost anything written that references The Beatles.

LISTENING: The Black Keys and Mark Ronson. If you haven't heard of either of these bands/groups, you can't use that as an excuse any more. I've told you about 'em. Let this be your notice. If I was half the man I wanted to be, I'd embed some tunage from right here. But I'm only a 1/3rd the man I wish I was.

EDITING: This blog entry. Check it out, my peeps! A play list from Two songs from the two bands I just lauded. Make sure you give a quality listen to the Mark Ronson track ...yup ...he remade a Britney Spears song and its spectacular.

UPDATING: My side bar. I'm not even listening to Panic! At the Disco in heavy rotation, anymore. And I'm not reading either of those two books. So ...what gives? I want to be your complete, one-stop, update on all things "me", so what good is it if I don't update the easy stuff? Look for those to be updated more often.

See you tomorrow.

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