Monday, February 12, 2007

Hinder = Wimp Music

What the hell? Could this band (or whomever writes their songs) be more weak? No. They could not. Between "Lips of an Angel" and "Better Than Me" I haven't seen more pussified songs since Nickelback's first album.

The main issue I have is this: I ain't buyin' it. I just don't think this shit actually happened and I think Hinder is pandering to the ladies so that they can sell "rock" CDs to men and women and make a quick buck. Or, worse yet, pandering to the broken-hearted frat boy who just got dumped on the eve of his Spring Fling date party.

I actually was willing to give Hinder the benefit of the doubt ...thinking, maybe, their label took the one sappy, cheezy song and said, "we have a hit with this one," and forced Hinder to make it their first single. And I could even forgive them "Better Than Me" because maybe the drummer wrote a song for the CD and, well, he's only a drummer and aside from Tommy Lee, drummer-guys just don't pull the kinda tail the lead singer and guitarists do.

I've always theorized that lead guitarists and lead singers want girls, girls, more girls, a tranny (from time to time), and then more girls ...two, three, or four at a time. The bassist, let's face it, is a family man. He wants, and probably has, a good relationship.

But the drummers? Stalkers, basically. Scratch a drummer, find an obsessive, I always say.

So ...yes. Hinder. I thought I'd give their CD a listen before making some wild claim to their wimpiness and you know what I found? Sappy, emo, drivel all over the place. Check out "Nothin' Good About Goodbye," "How Long," or "Shouldda," if you don't believe me.

In conclusion, I want them off my AOR radio station. Put them on the CHR or Hot AC station for all I care. But stop trying to sell them as a "rock" band.

Wanna laugh? Go to their site ( and read their Bio ...

Hinder (verb): 1. To be or get in the way of. 2. To obstruct or delay the
progress of. 3. To interfere with action or progress.

Let nothing 'hinder' your appreciation of the subtleties purveyed by this Oklahoma City fivesome,
who are collectively dedicated to bringing back the good old decadent days
when sex, drugs and rock & roll weren't dirty words, but a way of life.

Who wrote this for them? And when should I expect their hard core CD so I can join their Hinder Army? Yes. I'm not kidding. They have an army ...with troops that cry.


Anonymous said...

Hinder is better than you. And so am I. ou sing these songs in your car at stoplights and you know it.



Don said...

I caught myself singing a Hinder jam. I've corrected for that grave error.