Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Love Don Week, Entry the Second

REDIRECTING: You. If you haven't gotten me anything, there's still time. One easy thing for you to get me that doesn't cost a thing and gives me the recognition and attention I so dearly crave is this: click on and then click on my The Bachelorette recap. If you had a blog and a website, I'd humor you. Won't you do the same?

RE-REDIRECTING: You, again. While you're there, don't forget to read my Wall-E write-up-slash-review. And if my generalizations aren't enough for you, fellow spunkybeaner, EJ, has his own blog and wrote his very own Wall-E review. I guess you just can't say enough about this movie. And in reading EJ's review, its why I sometimes think I have no business reviewing anything because I miss the big picture things that movie snobs like to read about.

So, we talked about my articles. We talked about my friend and his articles. What else? Oh, yes ...let's talk about me! It's I Love Don Week, as you may recall. Those hallowed eight days leading up to my birthday, which is Friday. Some things I still haven't received that you still have time to purchase are the t-shirts I blogged about. Or, there's the Mad Men soundtrack on CD and, yes, Mr. Miller ...I could get it for free or cheaper, but I want the CD, the case, and all that goes with it. Like good old fashioned music buying. So ...think about that, fans-of-Don.

WATCHING: Mad Men on DVD. My wife and I watched the original episode last night and it was as awesome as ever. This show has quickly sky rocketed into one of my top-10 all time favorite shows and didn't lose anything upon repeat viewing. In fact, it was better. Don Draper likes "Old Fashions". Hence, I now like Old Fashions. I've never had one, but damn if I won't choke one down just to be like Don Draper. I'm going to a cocktail party tonight and you can bet I'll be ordering one. And I need to buy sugar cubes for home. Classy, classy.

CELEBRATING: I Love Don Week, Day 6. Well ...let's just sing the song (to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas).
On the 6th day of I Love Don Week,
My true love gave to meeeeeeee...
6 landscapers to mow my lawn,
The Last Lecture in hardcover,
Frito Lay Jalepeno cheese dip,
Mad Men, Season 1 DVD boxed set,
New socks from Costco,
And one round of golf, guilt freeeeeeeeee.
SKIPPING: Writing something from an old journal entry here. This entry is long enough.

That's all I got for today, boys and girls. Go Tigers!!!


Myndi said...

That drink sounds disgusting, but don't let that stop you.

Kevin said...

Nothing wrong with buying an actual CD once in a while. Today I actually sent Girl Talk $10 because it was a pay what you want release.