Thursday, July 24, 2008

And I raaaaan ...I ran so far. Period. I ran far.

RUNNING: I'm just sayin'. I ran far. I can, now, run far. Last week I ran 6 miles in a single run. My personal best-ever. And now, this Saturday, my wife and I are running another "Bump n' Run" from Jeff Watters and GLTeams at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, MI. Four killa miles of rivers, ravines, trails, and a 4-story hill that you can't exactly manage without crawling, clawing, and grabbing every available root and tree branch to handle its steep grade. Oh, and we end the four-mile run with 190-stairs and then a 1/4-mile run to the finish line. Not to mention the 5 or 6 "adventure" stops along the route where we'll be forced to do push-ups, down-ups, squat-thrusts, dips, and more!!! Join us ...if you dare!!! Moohahahaha! To entice you, lemme just say Jeff Watters's dad cooks the post-race meal and I hear his fajitas are worth the price (blood, dirt, scrapes, a bruises) of admission. Plus ...if you finish this ass-kicker, you will be incredibly proud of yourself and you'll likely brag to your friends (or blog about it if you have a blog).

PARENTING: Oh more thing about the "Bump n Run" ...bring your kids. 3 years and older run a modified Kids Fun Run afterwards and my 5 and 4 year old LOVE THEM! They were so proud of themselves last time. I, however, told them each they could do better and niether took it very seriously and I took the light bulbs out of the lamps in their bedrooms and said they'd get them back when they show they can train hard, run hard, and bring pride back to the family name.

I'm a great parent.

BEANING: spunky. As in, spunkybean. Did you miss Batweek? 'Tis OK. Though half the nation saw that dang Dark Knight movie this past weekend, the other half of this country will be seeing it this weekend. Learn about the best Batmen, the hottest, hunkiest Batman, someone's irrational love for the 1960s-Adam-West Batman, and the best and worst action figures, villians, and story lines. Was that last sentence a run-on sentence? Who can say for sure? Grammarians, that's who(m). Also of note this week was an article by spunkybean's Casey Pilkenton that really struck a chord. Read it.

THANKING: My loyal readers. First, my wife, with this piece of news that will make her all excited for TV this fall . . .
The Starter Wife, which began as a miniseries (and was not expected to continue, but now is coming back). Here is what The Starter Wife lead Debra Messing had to say about next season:

"In terms of the miniseries and Molly, her life begins, really. The miniseries was kind of summer, and now school begins. It's about how she feels with her new love life. We have a love interest, and she is entering the world of Hollywood trying to figure out how to make a living. She is also inter-acting with her husband much more than expected because they are divorcing, and they have a daughter and old friends."

And for D.W. ... some news about Chuck ...
Josh Schwartz on the re-launch of Chuck:

"We plan on launching the show in a way that if you've never seen the show before, you'll be able to tune in and get it right out of the gate. If you were an avid viewer but can't remember the last time it was on, you can also catch right up. And if you've just watched every episode, you can pick right up where it left off."

And from a TV expert (who should be punched or slapped with a cold herring) ...
The unfortunate prediction is not to expect much out of Chuck, Life or Lipstick Jungle next season. Chuck generated only minor interest among adults 18-49 anchoring Monday, and there is no reason to think that will change next season.
He's so wrong, it makes my athlete's foot flare up, dammit! Chuck will succeed because, now, the show has the power and influence of DonniEgo and spunkybean behind it. That's some power! What's more, Chuck is awesome and I think it's going to be on the same night as Heroes and ...well ...other than any night featuring two-hours worth of American Idol, NBC just created magic. Doug-Henning style magic!!!

RUMINATING: The Seattle Supersonics are moving their team to Oklahoma City and calling themselves Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder. I'm disgusted by modern day mascots and I think I may write an article on spunkybean about this disturbing trend.

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Darrin Wassom said...

Can you have sound as a mascot? I can't imagine what "thunder" looks like.... a dark storm cloud? A bunch of bowling pins exploding when a ball hits them? My Grandma used to say it was God bowling whenever she heard thunder. Will it be that one guy from AC/DC?

I went into my Chuck viewing experience not expecting much. The previews, IMHO, sucked but I was hooked within minutes. The characters are memorable, endearing and all fit together to tell a fun story. The dialogue is witty and often subtle with its humor. Other times it is an all out geek fest that I'm certain 90% of the people viewing don't get but I love the fact the writers don't care! They write like you would write - knowing it will reach someone and make them laugh.