Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, I Forgot ...I Also Golfed

While I was boring you (and myself), yesterday, I forgot to mention that I golfed Monday for the first time this season.

RECAPPING: The Bachelorette, like I do every Wednesday over at spunkybean. Check it out.

GOLFING: Me. And this report is mostly for the one guy who's completely impressed with me. Yes, it was a corporate outing. Yes, yes, yes. I wore some light weight, pastel based, plaid chinos, a pink shirt, and a pastel green golfers cap. Everyone in my foursome had shiny, flashy, expensive silver watches on their arms and we bragged about our portfolios and the wise, shrewd moves we made recently, all but thwarting the current recession because of our insider knowledge of all the things one might read in Forbe's, Kiplinger's, and Fortune. We laughed at the guy that didn't unload his Boeing shares and we shared with him our 'insider' knowledge that Goldman Sachs was about to 'drop the hammer' on Boeing. He could barely hold back his tears and he frantically started dialing his mobile phone demanding his broker 'sell, sell, sell!' I talked alot about the private golf lesson I took a few weeks earlier and explained how the new Nike Sumo 460 2-series has straightened out my drives. I think my caddy was named 'Timmy' or 'Tommy' or 'Toby' ...but I called him 'Sport.' I gave him an extra $50 to use his 'foot wedge' generously and let's just say I shot an 83 ...give or take 20 shots. Ahem. At one point I was up about $400 from all the side bets, but in the end only went home with about $150 - still not bad. All in all, not a bad 'day at the office', if you ask me. Hold on ...I gotta take this call ...yyyyellow?

LOVING: The newest Daily Show correspondent. His name is Wyatt Cenac and he's hilarious. He was hilarious immediately, which is tough to do. Usually the new correspondents need to find their 'voice' and their angle. I hated John Oliver, at first, and I didn't think Rob Riggle would end up being as funny as he is, but each of them were an acquired taste. Well, that and each had to evolve into being Daily Show ready. John Oliver has morphed into a slapstick, do-anything-for-a-laugh, utility guy who is also brilliant with satire and sarcasm. He has become one of my very favorites and I laugh whenever he hits the screen. Riggle pulled back on the silliness and went more with his frat-guy, man's-man approach to stories. It fits him. Well, Wyatt seems to have gotten it right immediately. He seems to be adopting a sarcastic, elite-sounding, satrical voice. He's not necessarily doing an impersonation of anyone, but a silly version of an elite newsperson that plays well in the current environment. Yet he mixes in a disinterested-youth tonality. I'm completely over thinking this. But judge for yourself.

THANKING: A real person (two actually) who audibly told me they enjoy my blog. My blog is about nothing. And what I do write is mostly about me. And most of the "people" I "claim" are "reading" and "enjoying" my blog aren't much more than characters I've created in my head in my alternate, imaginary reality. So, its nice when real, live people give me a real, live compliment. It's good for my ego and, well, isn't that what this whole blog is really all about.

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