Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blowing, blowing, blown!

BLOWING: My mind. As loyal readers might have noted, I've been touting this reality show concept I have and have written and am pitching. Through a fellow spunkybean writer and some articles we wrote, we got hooked up with Mel Robbins and because of the focus of her message and the inspiration behind my show, I jumped at the opportunity to pitch my bit of brilliance to her Producer. My biggest fear is not knowing what I don't know, and the 1/2-hour he spent on the phone with me told me there's a poop-load I don't know. It was so eye-opening and such a shock to my system (a system that told me, constantly, 'your idea is brilliant, Don, and only stupid people have told you 'no') that I was depressed for 20-minutes. And then I remembered how horrible stand-up comedy was the first, oh, 7 or 8 times I tried and then slowly it got a little better, and a little better. Time will tell if I benefit from this guy's frank, blunt advice, but I vow that it will.

BLOWING 2: My mind, again. After Mel Robbins's producer crushed my spirit, he began the process of building it back up when he asked me and my spunkybean staff to dream up ways in which we can be a part of the show, via on-air, on-line, or whatever other cool ideas we can dream up. At least I think I'm understanding him right. More info to follow in that front.

BLOWN: OK, so this isn't exactly Earth shattering, but there was this funny sketch on SNL a few weeks ago where Andy Samberg played Jack Johnson and hosted 'The Mellow Show' and his guests were Dave Matthews and John Mayer. So, I created Mellow Show Radio on Pandora and you should be able to see it and then listen to it here. Sit back, relax, and be mellow. I built the station at 8:20pm and over an hour later I haven't 'thumbs downed' a single song.

Normally I don't like those guys, but when Sis in-law K.B. shared this follow-up clip with me, I was like, "wow ...these guys really are cool." Props to cool dudes.

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