Friday, June 06, 2008

Growing, Growling, and Grinding

GROWING: A mustache. I really think so. And not some cheesy mustache ... a real one just like Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. I think it'll be cool, and I'll seem less crazy when I fill my conversations with the two quotes, "I'm an oil man" and "I drink your milkshake." I can't shake that movie from my brain.

QUOTING: Don Draper, a character from AMC's Mad Men...

‘A man is whatever room he is in.’
-Don Draper, Mad Men (AMC)

I'm very excited about the Season 1 DVD collection coming out on June 2nd and I think I'm going to actually purchase it. It will be only the 4th TV show I own on DVD, but since I only pick the truly great ones and not every dang show like some people, this is a big step for me. I'm banking on the fact that Season 2 (which premieres July 27th) won't suck, won't collapse under its own hype, that the actors will still be able to stay in-character, and the writers won't pull some crazy stunts that would be inconsistent with the advertising industry, Manhattan, or the mid-60s. With all the hype around this show, the pressure for it to be just as great as it was in Season 1 must be crushing. Don't suck, is what I'm saying. I'll be so pissed if I have to (a) defend the show even though I'm fully aware it sucks compared to Season 1 and (b) sell the Season 1 DVDs on ebay by Christmastime because I'm so disgusted with what the show's become.

Boy, do I love that show.

WATCHING: This George Costanza montage. Every day. Because it makes me laugh. George was the best character on that show as he embodies Larry David in real life and it's why Curb Your Enthusiasm is, for me, the best part of Seinfeld and its like Seinfeld never went off the air.

CREDITING: Loverboy. Loverboy doesn't get enough credit. Its like one person said they sucked and everyone else just fell in line. My favorite on-line streaming station, Slippery When Wet, just played three Loverboy songs in a rowand my volume was up high. Discuss. Let the record show: Don gives Loverboy credit and they wrote some rockin' songs.

REVIEWING: My week. Best CD I heard ...Weezer's Red Album. I was going to review it for spunkybean, but I used the words 'awesome' and 'brilliant' in every sentence and it just didn't sound much like a 'review' as much as a 'celebration' and a note from a stalker, so I passed. I think I've listened to it 57 times. Best show I watched ...Greek on ABC Family. It ain't just another show about fraternities, sororities, and college kids - this thing looks and acts real. Like the writers were on campus with me in the mid-90s. Best food I ate ...12-ouce bone-in filet at the new Ocean Prime in Troy. But maybe it was their signature Baked Alaska I had for dessert. I dunno. Either way, it was spectacular and worthy of a blog entry. Also worthy of a blog entry, Jeff Watter's Motor City Boot Camp. If you have the means and are anywhere near Birmingham, MI, you ought to pay him to kick your ass. He runs boot camp 5 days a week from 5:30a-6:30a and then all 5 days in the evening. Thanks to his 'killing me' ...I've lost 10 pounds and my thighs and calf muscles are so sore today, I can hardly hold myself up. If you wanna look good in a bathing suit me. Jeff Watters.


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