Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Filling the Internet with Thousands of Words

Guess who's back and filling the Internet weekly with thousands upon thousands of words? That's right! Me!!!

Hundreds of you (well, just under a hundred) enjoyed my weekly recaps of American Idol all season long and now you can enjoy my hilarious recaps of The Bachelorette. That's right. I didn't want to do it after being burned by 10 previous bachelors and 3 previous bachelorettes, but how can I stay mad at The Bachelorette and poor, heart broken DeAnna? And, what's that you say? You don't watch the show, you don't think I'm funny, and you don't like reading? Fair enough. But unlike the hundreds of other recap options you have, mine come complete with lessons on love and dating? At the very least, read for those gems.

You know the drill ...go to spunkybean, click my article, give me page-hits and then if you feel compelled, you could even actually read what I've written.

Want to read other stuff I've written? How about an article I contributed to detailing the original summer programming you could enjoy? I recommend Mad Men. I don't recommend going outdoors or being active.

Or how about a letter to my younger self which, along with my fellow spunkybean writers, received national recognition and even landed spunkybean writer, Nic Dressel, a guest appearance on Mel Robbins radio show, yesterday?

Then, of course, each week on spunkybean, EJ starts your week off with a look at the week's TV schedule and your watching options, and then our entire spunkybean staff recaps the week in pop-culture every Friday afternoon with our What a Week It's Bean feature. This is a must-read for anyone who plans on attending a BBQ party or a family reunion on the weekend. Someone will bring this stuff up and its best if you can add commentary - that's where spunkybean comes in.

And, as always, there's my blog. Read that, too.

Thanks for keeping your laughter at my expense to a minimum. Write at you again soon.

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