Monday, May 05, 2008

A Mini Blog Entry

It's May. It's 70 degrees outside, the flowers are blooming, and spring has finally sprung. Spring means my office will be 80 or 90 degrees each afternoon while the office complex explains that the air-conditioning doesn't activate until mid-May and I'll sweat like a pig every afternoon until then. Spring also means 'new-car-fever'.

COVETING: A MINI Cooper. I've made up my mind that this is my next car as long as I keep my current 2001 Saturn L300 and I can convince myself (and my wife) that having 3 cars isn't completely insane. This plan involves keeping the Saturn because its a bigger, roomier sedan with a big trunk - a family car, if you will - and then remodeling the house to add a 3rd garage stall to house kids toys, stuff, and ...oh ....a MINI Cooper. I think I agree replacing a family sedan with a MINI Cooper is foolish, but having a 3rd, 'fun' car seems do-able.

DISGUSTING: Me. Project Washboard isn't going so well. I can blame birthdays and birthday cake, I can blame sadness and comfort-eating, and I can blame my anniversary and a wedding and big meals and many drinks. At some point, however, I'm going to run out of things to blame. I tipped the scale at 180 pounds, Saturday, and measured a 38-inch waist at my belly-button. HOLY DISGUSTING! I'm 5'5"!!! Something has to give. I ran two miles Saturday in 22 minutes and 3 miles on Sunday in 33 minutes. I'm going to get those washboard abs. I ...just ...need ..discipline.

PANNING: Bee Movie. What a horrible movie. It is neither a quality kids movie, nor a clever adult movie. It is long. It is boring. It's an idea so lacking a clever idea, it decided to make a bee talk to humans. I turned it off with 20 minutes remaining in the movie. Normally I don't use blog space to rant or rave about a movie, but this one was so bad, I had to put it out here in cyberspace.

ANTICIPATING: Game 2 of the Pistons-Magic series, The Bachelor: London Calling (The Women Tell All), Greek, and my viewing of the Oprah-Cruise interviews. I'm going to write a column on these interviews for spunkybean.

APOLOGIZING: For a boring post. I just figured I had to write something. It'll be better, tomorrow.


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