Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check. Check. Is this blog on?

Holy crap! A whole week has passed and I've given you nothing. Zippo. Nada. Zilch. Well ...what a week it's been (not to be confused with the hilarious What a Week It's Bean feature over at More on spunkybean in a moment.

LOVING: This site, or more the project they've embarked on. Seems they've taken children's drawings and recreated them as photos. What a cool idea! I'm neither artsy nor a photgrapher, but I'm going to try this with some of my kids drawings. I hope they draw me standing against a white wall, because that'd be pretty easy.

WATCHING: Lost, of course. But tonight I'm a little more excited about The Office's season finale. Will Jim (a) propose to Pam, (b) get fired, or (c) miss his chance to propose because Pam finally has the gumption to quit and move to NYC or Philly to pursue her art career? In the end (and by that I mean the end of the series), they'll be together, but I'm not prepared to spend the entire summer wondering. I mean wife won't be able to handle it. Me? I don't really care. I'm tough and manly.

WRITING: The usual ...American Idol recap(s) over at spunkybean, but this week I had the chance to stretch a bit and write a letter to my younger self. I hope you like it. 6 of the spunkybean writers did the same thing and we promoted our efforts back to the author of If I'd Known Then, Ellyn Spragins and she actually read all six letters. Not only that, she thought maybe she'd include our letters on her site or possibly in an upcoming book. Wild, right? I know.

There's only 5 weeks remaining until the new Weezer CD is released. It keeps me going and waking up every morning, I'll tell you that much. See you tomorrow.

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