Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gen X Rules the World

You can tell Gen Xrs have now entered into a phase where they are the primary influence on key decisions at networks and among retailers. Though I'm confused as to how we're marketed to via teen-based sitcoms and dramas. But do you doubt this show is counting on us 30-somethings to watch?

FEIGNING: Disinterest. Like with the original version called Beverly Hills 90210, I'm going to pretend to not look forward to watching every week and when its on TV and my wife is watching, I'm going to be reading a magazine. So what if I only read two pages in an entire hour. I'm hardly watching.

ANTICIPATING: 30 Days returns June 3rd and airs every Tuesday at 10pm for your summer viewing pleasure. Mad Men also will be back in July right after a CD soundtrack is released as well as their Season 1 DVDs. Look at that SAHweet packaging!

: Breaking Bad also renewed for a 2nd season and a full 13 episodes. Gotta wait for this fall, unfortunately. Also coming back this fall? It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

LISTENING AND OBSERVING: Loverboy doesn't get enough credit. It's as if one person said Loverboy sucks and everyone else just fell in line. My favorite on-line streaming station, Slippery When Wet, just played three Loverboy songs in a row and my volume was up high. Discuss. And, listen. Turn that dial, all the way...

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Myndi said...

"You Wanna live in the zip, you gotta live by the code?" Oh, puke.

I'm sure, as a 90210 fan from day 1, I will have to check this out, but I feel like they're pissing on my show's grave!!

Slippery When Wet is an interesting channel...I'm amazed at how much of that music I know and like. But Nightranger could kick Loverboy's ass!