Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Do Blog Entry Titles Really Even Matter?

WELCOMING: New readers. E.J. A.K. J.R. How the heck are ya? Hope yer enjoying the blog. Please help yourself to snacks. Careful with the toilet gotta jiggle the handle just right or it won't flush. And welcome back M.P., K.H. We've/I've missed you.

: Losers. And then submitting them to a hilarious site called Walmart Wolverines, dedicated to dickheads and dirt asses who root for U-of-M, but probably couldn't even get themselves hired as a janitor by the school. A few months ago I took a great shot of a ridiculous dude at a Beastie Boys concert wearing a UofM 'baseball jersey' and Walmart Wolverines posted it post haste.

SELF-AGGRANDIZING: I'm just going to copy&paste my spam email I sent to all my friends. I'm now going to slowly push them all away because I won't stop promoting myself, my writing, my blog, and my website. Oh, well. If you know a better way for me to capture the hearts and minds of dozens of people and make them fans-of-Don, lemme know.

Knock, knock. Hellooooo? Anyone still around? Have you been waiting with baited breath for my next 'spam' email pleading/begging you to acknowledge me and read my articles? Wait ...more! The written word of Don abounds on the web. Allow me to explain.

First ...if you watch The Amazing Race, or know someone who loves that show, the please bookmark and remember that I'm now writing a weekly column recapping each Sunday's episode. My first recap posted this very morn'.

Second ...if you watch Survivor ...well again. I'm gonna recap them there shows, too. My first column was last week. It wasn't written very well, but I'm fairly certain most of the sentences are complete and the language therein resembles English. Enjoy. Look for another recap tomorrow(ish).

Third ...there's AsktheCommish-dot-com where I don my 'sports columnist' hat and will attempt to write a weekly article on the topic of sports. Tomorrow I'll have a column I'm calling, "Can't We All Just Get Along" and it'll be ripe with cleverness, insight, and maybe even a few puns.

And, fourth, and eternally, there's my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for reading. And if not reading, thanks for clicking thru and giving me page views. And if not either of those ...thanks for coming to complete stops at stop signs, safety, safety ...that's really all I care about.

Have a great, great Thursday. It's my bowling night. Wish me high scores. I'll wish you sound sleep.

Oh, and wait more thing before you "block sender" ...maybe you don't dig me or my writing. Fair enough. But, spunkybean is full of many other creative, talented and funny writers. Our Dancing with the Stars recappers are, in my opinion, two of the best on the entire internet. And spunkybean has so much more ...Heroes recaps, Mad Men discussions, and we have even launched the All-Pilot Project where we break down each and every new, original show on the Fall, mid-season, and hiatus period timeslots. There's alot there at spunkybean around. Check it out. Enjoy. And if you know a creative and talented writer who loves pop-culture, send him my way. We are always looking for new talent.


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Don't be hating on Michigan just because they won't let you in, State is a good school too.

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