Friday, June 08, 2007

My Idol Vacation

I am still feeling a deep sense of loss with the end of American Idol. But, some good things have happened in the meantime.

Jericho is back due to a fan protest. Don't think you can make a difference in this world? Think again. Check out the letter from CBS President, Nina Tassler. Jericho fans staged a peaceful (albeit geeky) protest campaign over the abrupt cancellation. Thousands of fans sent peanuts to CBS, a reference to the Skeet Ulrich character saying "Nuts!" when asked if he would surrender. You can vent on several Websites, including CBS' Jericho message boards:

So, it'll be back for at least 7 episodes in the Spring and if you all join me in watching and thanking the network with letters every week that it airs, we'll have Jericho forever and ever.

What I've been watching: Next Best Thing, sports, National Bingo Night (once was only good because of the foreign guy referee and the fanny-pack chick), and more of my regular stuff. It appears, however, that it will be the summer of the movie. I won't review those movies ...that just ain't my bag.
Next Best Thing is great, for now. I don't know what they'll do after the try-outs, to be honest, but it's great train-wreckage while it lasts. This show is the recreation of my fears and insecurities. I imagine these celebrity-impersonator-people were told "you look and sound just like ___Fill-in-blank___" but they actually don't. And they suck. I was literally laughing to the point of tears during the Rod-Steward-guy. I really tried to like So You Think You Can Dane, On the Lot, American Inventor, and Pirate Survivor, but they are not the next best thing to Idol and Survivor.
Is the summer almost over?

To help make summer more enjoyable, I'm going to buy a pair of classic docksiders. The time has come for their return to fashion mainstream, and that new hey day will start with me.

I've been hard at work on my other blogs (see right). Well, ok, not so hard at work, actually.
WHAT I PLEDGE: I will review the 6 or 7 recent releases from past Idol winners and runners-up. Clarkson, Hicks, Yamin, McPheever, Daughtry, Pickler, and Underwood. This quirky gamble of a show is slowly defining the music-of-the-90s. More on that on a future blog entry. So far, Clarkson, Underwood and Yamin are good ...Daughtry is one lucky bald bastard ...Pickler, McPheever, and Hicks suck.

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