Friday, June 08, 2007

Am I Above It All?

No, I am mainstream-sheep-esque American and I LOVE the Paris Hilton crap. I hate her for simply being herself. I've never "got it" ...meaning, what makes her a celeb and a fixation.

What will I be watching tonight: The Soup, Best Week Ever (also a great blog following this crap story), and On the Record with Greta Van Sustren.

Radio stations are all over this gossip and the girl-to-beat seems to be Greta Van Sustren.

Greta was in the court and will have the final and best coverage of this fiasco if anyone is sittin' at home in their boxers tonight doin' nothin.

I'll be watchin' Greta.

Greta's blog leaves much to be desired (not very up-to-date ...the nerve!!!), but she says "something is seriously wrong with that woman (Paris)"

TvNewser has some up-to-the-minute blow-by-blow coverage if you simply can't get enough.
"If We're Going To Spend All Day On This, I'm Going To Have Some Fun,"
-Shep Smith

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EJ said...

You know that picture of Paris in the back of the police car, crying her eyes out? One of the great photos of the 21st Century! I feel like a bad person for delighting in the pain of another, but oddly, that doesn't change my reaction at all.