Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Goin' Larry King on ya!

I've always hated when noted authors and columnists, suffering from a case of writer's block, take the easy way out and ruminate on a dozen or so topics just to fill space.

Man, I hate that.

If every family has its "black sheep" and mine doesn't seem to have one, wouldn't logic dictate I am the "black sheep?" What was it? That crazy haircut in high school? It was a phase. I'm normal, now - or so my therapist, psychic, life-coach, and imaginary friend tell me.

Better Made makes wavy chips, now. Morally I'm opposed. Physically and visually, I give props.

In this country, all you have to do is bring something up and people determine its an issue and take sides.

Heather Mills is on "Dancing With the Stars." I was unaware that she was a "star." Does that mean anyone ever associated with Paul McCartney is a "star?" Just asking, as I'm his stalker. NOTE TO SELF: Blog an entire entry on this topic and the modern world making celebrities out of thin-air.

TO DO: create my own Internet hoax. I recently thought about writing a very detailed "warning" - those always seem to get forwarded - from a Sgt. Something or other about starting your dryer right before you go to bed. I was going to say that prowlers watch for dryers that are left on and they clog them with rags so that the carbon emission from the dryer cannot escape, but rather fills the house and makes the residence there lethargic and unresponsive. Then, they come in and steal stuff.

Hey ...it's no more ridiculous than a
Nigerian billionaire leaving me millions or believing that boycotting gas stations for a day will affect giant oil companies.

I bought a book on blogging and it said to incorporate more pictures into my blog. The book also said a blog should have direction and purpose.

I watch too much TV. I blog too much. Crap! I didn't even have a dozen things to fill a page.

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