Thursday, March 22, 2007

The First Rule of Write Club . . .

. . .you don't talk about Write Club. Because it's too completely geeky.

But hear me out.

I love TV. I came of age in the infancy of cable television and my generation shaped the future of TV and the TV world you know today. We did it!!! Pre-teens and teens of the 80s!!! WOO HOO!!! We are GenX!!! Hear us complain ...uh ...roar! Or something. We don't know how the phrase goes, of course, because we don't

Ironic that I actually write so much on blogs even though I have such little faith in my generation to actually read it, eh? Trust me, if I could just talk on camera and post it on YouTube, I would (my sitcom ideas and my talk show concept have also been rejected/ignored by the big networks, as well).

Back to my love of TV. I love it. Society, however, would let you believe that TV rots the minds of the youth, causes A.D.D., and a buncha other stuff I can't remember - not because of excessive TV watching, dammit! What would educators and health professionals suggest instead of TV? Exercise, for one. OK. Well, that's sound advice. But old-curmudgeons will tell you "in their day" they had appreciation for art, music, and literature. Well, what is TV if not the complete fusion of all three!!! This has always been my argument. If paintings and pictures on a wall are good, if music played by a band or orchestra is good, and story structure and creativity delivered in a book is good ...well pictures set to music over a story is the best, yet!!! Pictures set to music over a story ...hmmm. What is like that? Oh, I know. TV!!!

People are afraid to embrace this medium because of what so-called-intellectuals keep saying about it. We must stop this injustice. A Nickel For the Swear Jar weighed in (sprayed bile), too. So accurate his assessment, I had to ask myself if perhaps I wrote it myself.

And then I thought ...what if I did write it myself. This author loves TV, loves "Lost", has a sister, incredible wit, and a fantastic writing style. He even has some of my same friends. What if I'm like Ed Norton in "Fight Club" and because of my split personality and frustration with daily life, I've created an alter ego, but in actuality, my alter ego is just me. A guy who wants to be in "Write Club" ...though actually I am the leader of "Write Club."

Well, until I start hopping flights and trying track down that blog author and come to the realization, while holding myself at gunpoint, that he is me, I'll just enjoy the writing and revelations there. Note: I hope I stop before I shoot myself through the cheek ...I'm too vain to have such a lifelong scar.

Last night, "Idol" bid farewell to SHORT-HAIRED-BLACK-GIRL, but the bigger surprise was that the bottom-two did not contain Sanjaya. Worse yet, when you go to see Idols Live this summer, you're going to have to sit through Sanjaya butchering something. Sad, sad days ahead.

"Lost" is good again ...meaning ...things are actually happening. My alter ego reviews it better than anyone.

"Survivor" took the twist I'd hoped it would. I ask you you think Probst and the crew review all the footage at the end of every day? I do, now. They saw that one tribe was helpless, about to be systematically picked off at the merge, and changed the whole game. After last night, I firmly believe this happens.

Someday when I get picked for "Survivor" I'll use this to my advantage. I will also surgically implant a lighter in place of one of my fingers ... moohahahahhahahaha!

The second rule of Write Club is - you DO NOT talk about Write Club.

Blogging about it is totally cool, though.

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