Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The War

No. Not "that war." I mean the classic battle for land. The battle shared between neighbors. Even friendly ones.

Last year my angry-
ol'-neighbor decided she was sick of edging her lawn along the fence line, was tired of grass growing up the fence, and sprayed veggie kill along the entire fence line. But instead of a controlled 1-inch kill, it became an 8-inch wide spans of dead grass running the entire fence line. And this season, in its place, weeds grew. I've seethed for nearly 14 months. So, this past weekend, I reclaimed this swatch of earth. I raked and loosened the soil, I covered the loosed earth with enriched top soil, and I planted grass seed. Lots of it. I could feel her cold, angry stare from between her mini-binds as I worked to replenish this long dormant green space. Even li'l Jimmy donned mini garden gloves and helped me spread seed - even at age 3, he knows how good it feels to enact revenge on a nosy, budinski neighbor. Additionally, I plan to tell her about a limb on her large maple tree that, "makes me nervous." It's actually kinda cruel what I'm doing, but trust me's worth it.

Note: She really is a nice lady and we adore her. I'm just

Updates to follow. Maybe even pictures.

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