Monday, August 20, 2007


I read something great today about passion. You should read it, too. The quote that stood out . . .
most people who say “passion” refer only to a desire that provides them escape from boredom.
Kinda made me take a step back and think about things. What am I passionate about? My family. Yes. My hair. Check. Michigan State University? The sports teams? Sports? Writing?

You see where I'm going here? These things ...are they "passions" or simply "hobbies" ...or worse yet, just "distractions?"

This will be pondered by the authors at Donniego.


DarrinW said...

Ah yes but if you read the other determining factors, you will notice 'desire' and 'commitment'. You desire your hair to be perfect, right? You are committed to washing it, applying conditioner once in a great moon, applying product and running your fingers through your hair just like your stylist does to give you that youthful tousled look and you fork out mega-bucks to have some attractive graduate from the Hair Institute of Detroit rub her breasts against your back and snip here and there with scissors all in the pursuit of perfect hair.

I would call that passion. I would also call my reply one big ass sentence. You might say I am passionate about sentences that are akin to running a half-marathon. Sentences that are punchy, rhythmic and not always adhering to what my English teacher would consider proper, articulate and singular in its purpose to convey a message.

Don said...

Yes. My hair is a true passion by every definition.

Your sentence was epic.

EJ said...

Ever since you mentioned your hair, I've decided that you have a pompadour. That's a haircut that inspires passion.