Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mid-Week Stuff

MUST READ: A rant on coloring books at All things Meaningless.

MUST SEE: Tonight's 11:30 airing of The Colbert Report where "Stephen Colbert will be airing the interview with billionaire turd-cutter Richard Branson that was taped last week. It’s already made the news, because Branson actually poured water on Stephen. It sounds like it was bitter and tense the whole way through, and we’ll get to see what happened on Wednesday."

Cavemen first I rolled my eyes. Then I lashed out when people mentioned it. Next I kinda got used to the idea of a sitcom launching based on some funny Geico commercials. Then I warmed up to the concept. And, now, I can't wait for this sit-com to premiere. Did I say "can't wait?" I did. That right there is a prime example of a "distraction" keeping me from my "passions." Without airing, hype for this show is picking up steam. Don't believe me? Check this out (go ahead ...go into the apartment and start clicking around) . . .
"Stop for a second and open your browser and type in and you will see an awesome interactive media site. It will take you a number of hours of playing and viewing this site as this is how media interaction and the use of an entertainment website are meant to be. Awesome."
These cavemen have a blog. This site is humorous. Oh, I'll definitely be watching this and will be sad when the show is cancelled ...or ...I'll be telling you five years from now that it jumped the shark.

So, there'll be two shows I'll talk about alot this fall ...Kid Nation and Cavemen. Check back. I'll tell you what's good or bad about 'em.

If you want to know about the rest of the shows on this falls schedule, the crazy (or perhaps inspired) man at A Nickel for the Swear Jar might be writing about them all. He hasn't officially announced it, but still check his site for a thought or two on The Pick-Up Artist and other stuff.

Speaking of great hair - were we speaking of great hair? - I saw High School Musical 2 this past weekend ...twice. It was great. Cheese nation is alive and well. In fact, H.S. Musical 2 was the most watched cable show ever. The great hair belonged to none other than the star, Zac Efron. American Idol is the #1 show on TV and High School Musical 2 represents the highest viewership of any cable show ever and it's the #1 CD in stores. Like it or not, folks, but this next generation will be the most bubble-gum generation, yet.

Make sure to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. That's all.


DarrinW said...

So how was the Colbert Report? I missed it.

your wife said...

That Zac Efron is a HOTTIE!
He is #1 on my list baby.