Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hope for the Summer

Just when I was about to get to reading those books because the wasteland that is TV was even too wasteful for me ...along comes Greek and America's Got Talent.

I realize I'm a Hoffman-come-lately on Talent, but until now I dismissed it as a horrible Idol-esque concept. It's one thing to watch marginally talented singers perform weekly. As I've mentioned before, its like a modern-day-variety show . . . and the world needs them more now than ever. It's another thing altogether to watch a serial-Gong Show. It just didn't make sense. If your "talent" is whistling the Star Spangled Banner with your belly-button and a tire-pump, that's great. I want to see that. But how do you come back week after week with that act? Juggling on a unicycle is juggling on a unicycle. Show me all the acts and crown a champ. This might take a few weeks of auditions ...but is there really a need for a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round ala Dancing With The Stars or American Idol. I thought not. Awe, shucks, but then I went and got hooked.

Speaking of variety shows and needing them ...

NOTE: This is Tom Jones came out on DVD last week. Even Tom Jones had his own variety show. We all know about the Osmond's, Sonny & Cher, Dean Martin, The Brady Family, Carol Burnett, and Lawrence Welk. So, how is it that the greatest singer-performer of the last 5 decades didn't get his press on this DVD release? I'm going to own this and I'll let you know how it is. Here's a sneak-pre-review: It's the greatest f'n thing that ever lit up my cathode ray tube. Why any TV shows were even made since TJ's variety show went of the air in 1971 is beyond my comprehension. WARNING: Watching this 3 DVD boxed will ruin you for all other TV shows.

That's my review, and I haven't even seen the show.

Then there's this show Greek on ABC Family. Not sure how a show on that channel got onto my radar, but I gave it a shot. Basically, it lacks the coolness of Revenge of the Nerds, Animal House, PCU and Old School as far as frat-movies go, but it totally nails the Never Been Kissed, Legally Blonde, Can't Buy Me Love like-able, cheeziness. Some of the gags are really good. The Hitler Youth-type rooommate is very good. The not-preppy frat is spot on. As a former frat guy, their post-Rush-party-bid-voting, their banged up couches in their formal room, and their applause during the walk-of-shame is EXACTLY like real college. Lots more to come on this show in a future post. Let this post simply serve as a notice to my readers ...CATCH THE ENCORE PRESENTATION OF THE SHOW'S PREMIERE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT ON ABC AND ABC FAMILY.

I don't have a lot of "required viewing" of you folks, and I don't send emails pimping my blog often, but this show was THAT GOOD.

Happy Birthday to me Greek.

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EJ said...

Hey, you're right. Greek was pretty good! I never thought I'd be watching ABC Family, but I'm on board with Rusty.

I went to a local college so I lived at home, and I couldn't have gotten into a fraternity even if I somehow managed to pee beer, so the details don't resonate with me the way they do with you. Still, funny's funny.