Monday, July 02, 2007

"Glengarry Glen Ross" + Disney's "Oliver and Company"

Apparently this movie is known mostly for one scene ...the Alec Baldwin scene. Which is a great scene (see following post). The rest was desperate, grasping, and angry. The worst side of sales as a career. I finished the movie wishing I wasn't in sales. Then I watched the Alec Baldwin scene again and ended up watching almost the entire movie again and saw the movie as a perfect reflection of just about every sales team I've ever been a part of. The angry-no-one's-helping-me-guy, the shouldn't-be-in-sales-guy, and the desperate-old-my-career-life-has-passed-me-by-guy. And most brilliant of all was Pacino's-no-nonsense-lots-of-bullshit-guy. All I've ever heard of with regards to this movie was Jack Lemmon this and Alec Baldwin that. Screw that. Pacino made the movie.
"You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is."-Ricky Roma

Next up, Disney's Oliver and Company. Ever wonder why the Disney franchise kinda took its lumps in the 80s? See this movie. But actually, don't see this movie. A poorly planned story, non-catchy songs, and gun play make this movie a complete abomination. Disney usually sets the standard and all other animated ventures follow - and usually fail. In this case, however, I'd rather watch A Land Before Time again and again, in Spanish. Bad, bad, bad. Yes, I said gun play. Numerous scenes where the villian threatens a guy with a gun or plays with his gun as a show of dominance. What is this? Reservior Dogs?

And so concludes my weekend of cinema.

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EJ said...

Seeing "Glengarry Glen Ross" in college completely scared me away from sales. Damn my Mamet obsession!

At least Jack Lemmon's character lives on as Gil. "How many can I put you down for? Please say a lot. Gil really needs this."