Monday, May 21, 2007

Hero Come Lately

"I am not a hero, I am a mere defender of the office. Do you know who's a real hero? Hiro. From Heroes. That's a hero. Also
...Bono." -Dwight Shrute, The Office

Talk about missing the boat on a great show. Go ahead. Assemble a group of people and talk about it.

While I wait, I just wanted to take a moment to declare Heroes a GREAT show! I was told back in September that this show was worth adding to my TV viewing routine already jam packed routine. In fact, very reputable TV-viewing sloths (aka couch potatoes) like myself recommended it. Its not like they were recommending Grey's Anatomy or the latest CSI retread. My friends were recommending quality TV.

Thankfully this weekend the SciFi channel showed all 22 episodes for the uber fans to watch again in anticipation of tonight's finale. I watched 14 of the 22 in 3 days. Thank The Maker for Tivo!!! I expected something like Deep Space Nine or Generations - which are far too geeky for my tastes - but instead I was treated to a show on par with LOST or, dare I say, Quantom Leap. I guess you could say that I like science-fiction that deals with the past or present ...and not some made-up future. Hence I like Star Wars ("long ago"), Quantom Leap, and now Heroes ..and I don't like anything related to Star Trek and Isaac Asimov books. Tough call on the original Terminator ...I *LOVE* that movie. I hated every sequel.

I really don't mean for this blog to be so hyper-focused on TV. It was meant to be about all things in my life that don't make the family's blog. Sadly, it is turning out that my life, outside of the wife and kids, is mostly about TV. Thank goodness for an online journal to document that.

Anyway, I just wanted the record to show that Heroes, although a blatent rip-off of X-Men, has merit. And I usually think its a cop-out for shows to be able to invent another character with another super power in order to advance the plots, but I'm gonna give this one a free pass. I almost get the feeling they thought most of the scenarios through to their completion before they kicked off the series - see the string-timeline model from episode 19ish called "Five Years from Now."

Watch it.

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