Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol

My initial take is that the Bee Gees had great music, but not necessarily great vocals or lyrics. There was a genre bias that slightly favored Bla-a-a-wick-wick-ake Lew-ooo-ooo-zerp-is, but he blew it. But ...he didn't need it because, at the moment, he ain't splittin' votes with anyone, save for Linebacker.

It's one thing to make Doolittle, Lakisha, and the-next-Beyonce sing "white music" week after week, yet something even entirely more cruel to make them sing white-British-music that was almost all sung falsetto. Maybe next week Idol producers could skip singing all together and make them all Riverdance.

BLAKE: I said he could lose if he didn't quite beat-boxing. He keeps this up, people are going to get sick of him, and quick.

LAKISHA: Poor, poor Lakisha. No kiss from Simon for you.

DOOLITTLE: Not her fault, the music did not favor her. She was listless and will be gone.

LINEBACKER (AKA THE-NEXT-BEYONCE): I predict Simon will say tonight, "after going back and listening to your second vocal, again, I thought it was better than I had initially thought." Isn't there at least once a season he says this? Linebacker's second song was lights-out great! Period! How and why they didn't give her the credit is a fluke. She was great.

PREDICTIONS: Melinda Doolittle voted off.


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